by Small Cuts

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some demoss


art by risha sanikommu she da bes :^)


released May 5, 2017

yes i did all the things on the music songs pls ask me all abt it



all rights reserved


Small Cuts New York

tired nerd who needs to record some stuff (ー。ー) zzz

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Track Name: Save Me Dear
in the city i’ll meet a hipster cutie
i’ll buy a skateboard and maybe not get hit by cars
we’ll play some brazos, make out and lay around
i’m sure, yeah, the city’s coming now

to save me, save me now, save me dear

summer floods in through windows to the fire escape
people text back and no one cares i woke up late

yeah i’ll just move and get a bike job
then i won’t be stuck, it should be fine
i’ll leave and find a place downtown
it’ll all work itself out

i’ll have more than two friends
quit wasting all my time, and there goes my anxiety
stop fucking up shows
all my problems solved, popped like balloons
the city did the trick i’m sure that’s what it was i’m sure

save me, save me now, save me dear
save me, save me now, save me dear from what i do to myself
save me, save me now

the haven of a dying country
i’m alone in spite of everything
i will break my skin on the sun
reach a part of something bigger still

save me, save me now
save me dear from falling too fast asleep
save me dear, prove them wrong
if you could see the light behind both my eyes
just save me dear, am i strong enough, am i big enough
to save myself from myself
so save me dear, save me dear
Track Name: The Earth is Made of Searing Wind
so this is where we end up
on the dark side of the earth
where everything’s fucked up and

all our clothes have blown off
what will be left to show your grandkids?
will they even grow up

take a drink take a bow take a seat
i’m useless now, the air will burn out both her lungs to dust

you tore me apart
you said that you’d stay
you stole my one chance
and it hurts, and it kills every time